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Get UP! Sexual Assaukt legislation reform- vote!!!

Clothing cannot be used as a defense in sexual assault cases in any context

Submitted 4/18/2011 By AmandaK Views 3643 Comments 1 Updated 4/18/2011

The Lowdown

When: 4/18/2011
Where: Australia Wide
Costs: $0

What’s involved?

Simply joining the GetUp! website and voting for the sexual assault reform campaign

Why should people do this?

The jeans defense' has been used to get rapists acquitted in NSW since my trial in 2010. Despite damning medical evidence a jury can and has been finding men not guilty if rape simply because their victim was wearing jeans. THIS NEEDS TO STOP

Other stuff

some links. there are hundreds but i'll use some sources you probably know :)

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alissa93 02-May-2011

Definietly signing this!