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Indigenous affairs ACTION

The treatment of Indigenous Australians has been labelled as cultural and social genocide. We're not doing enough to help. So, what can you do about it?

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The Lowdown

Where: Australia Wide

What’s involved?

"The hidden children of Australia's remote communities are among the world's most disadvantaged" (Murdoch, 2005).

Things to do

  • Through your words and actions, promote multiculturalism and stand up against racism in your personal life and local community.

  • Sign the Apology Australia petition to show you believe an apology is owed to Indigenous Australians for the stolen generations. Go to

  • Join or show your support for Your Voice, an organisation that campaigns for better representation of the rights of Indigenous Australians and more programs to increase their standard of living and opportunities. Visit

  • Write to your local MP and tell him/her you think Indigenous affairs are worth talking about, and that we should get them back on the political agenda. Go to  to find out who your local MP is.

  • Take an Indigenous studies subject at university.

  • Ask your school how you can learn more about Indigenous issues. Speak to family and friends and share what you learn about Indigenous culture and issues.
  • Visit the Tent Embassy in Canberra. It's located between the southern end of Lake Burley Griffin and Old Parliament House. You can learn more about Indigenous affairs there.

  1. Hold a youth forum and invite Indigenous youth to speak about issues in their community.
  2. Contact your local council about having a flag raising ceremony.
  3. Get a pride march happening in your community.
  4. Help to raise funds for an art or poster display in a public place like your local shopping centre.
  5. Run an activity at your local primary school to teach children a song, story or craft.
  6. Organise a film festival/video screening by or about Indigenous people.

How do I know this?

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Why should people do this?