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Nominations for ACT Landcare Awards

The ACT Landcare Awards are an initiative of Landcare Australia and supported by the ACT Government. The Awards recognise the invaluable work by committed volunteers across the country protecting and restoring our natural resources.

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The Lowdown

When: - 6/12/2011
Where: ACT
Costs: None

What’s involved?

The 2011 ACT Landcare Awards are open to farmers, Landcare and Parkcare groups, businesses, schools, youth groups or individuals who are involved in helping manage the environment.
Environmental volunteers can be nominated for a range of activities including community gardening, habitat restoration and caring for rivers and creeks and with 10 categories, there is sure to be one for every type and size of project or group.
The award categories include:

  • Australian Government National Landcare Program Individual Landcarer Award
  • Young Landcare Leader Award
  • Urban Landcare Award
  • Landcare Community Group Award
  • Local Government Landcare Partnerships Award
  • Rural Press Landcare Primary Producer Award
  • Landcare Education Award
  • Alcan Landcare Indigenous Award
  • The Quiet Achiever Award (category available in the ACT only)
  • The Environment Community Support Award (category available in the ACT only)

Why should people do this?

Nominate someone to recognise their important contribution to this vital area of taking action!

Other stuff

Entries close on 12 June 2011 and winners will be announced during Landcare Week from 5-11 September 2011.  For more information visit

Contact information

For more information visit