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Portrayal of young people by the media ACTION

Here are ways to challenge the way the media represents young people.

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The Lowdown

Where: NSW

What’s involved?

  • Respond to coverage that you think misrepresents young people by writing a letter to the editor, emailing feedback to TV shows, calling talkback radio.
  • Get involved in your local community radio station. Also, stations such as FBi and Triple J offer young people a lot of opportunities to get involved and share their perspective.
  • Write for local and national newspapers—submit your work, pitch story ideas, get your voice heard!
  • Get involved in independent media. Find out more by checking out the website of the "Australian Centre for Independent Journalism" at and locating your nearest "Independent Media Centre" at
  • Join a youth organisation. Information, including contact details for the official one for your area, can be found on your local council’s web site. Often this is a great place to start.
  • Be a socially and political conscious member of your community—stand up for the issues you believe in, tell others about them, show people you care about your community and country.

Why should people do this?