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ActNow by : Getting involved

Special Project - Campaign It!

We want YOU to stand up and give a sh!t about your mates by getting involved. Our aim to have as many school students as possible across Australia asking their mates “RUOK?”. How can we do this? Well that’s what we want you to tell us!

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The Lowdown

When: - 5/6/2011
Where: NSW
Costs: None

What’s involved?

September 15th marks annual RUOK? Day. A day set aside for all Australians to as a mate ‘RUOK?.' has teamed with RUOK? Day to work with school students in the design and delivery of a RUOK? Day campaign.

You will be flown in to Sydney for an all expense paid 3 day workshop where you work with us to design the campagin activities.

To get involved you must be:

  • Attending an Australian high school and be aged 16-17 between April and September this year
  • Be able to attend a 3 day workshop in Sydney (paid for by in June
  • Are able to contribute 1 hour a week additional to the 3 day workshop between May – September to contribute to online forum discussions
  • With the assistance of, committed to taking the RUOK? Day campaign to your school.


Why should people do this?

We are looking to recruit students from all over Australia with different backgrounds, interests and skills.

Other stuff

Get the full lowdown at

Contact information

If you are interested in coming to Sydney and designing activities to implement in your school and to share with all school students in Australia, let us know more about you!

Simply email letting her know:

  • Where you are from and what high school you attend
  • Your date of birth
  • Gender
  • Contact number
  • How you would manage your time between school and your commitment to this project
  • Your interests and skills (can be anything!!!)
  • Why you want to be involved

Please send your expression of interest (no more than a page) to by the 6th May