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Support the House With No Steps

Buy a bickie, raffle ticket or volunteer to support disabled services.

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The Lowdown

Where: Australia Wide

What’s involved?

There are a number of ways you can support disabled people through the House With No Steps:

Buy a box of Aussie Biscuits:

You can grab a box of choc chips, jam drops, gingers, peanut or Anzacs online. Biscuits will set you back $3.75 for one pack, but can be ordered more cheaply in bulk.  

Buy an Art Union raffle ticket:

The Art Union raffle is held every year. There are cash prizes, holidays and cars to be won! Tickets start at 3 for $30 and you can purchase them online.  

Take a donation box to work or school:

Have a donation box delivered to you, and place it in a supervised public place, such as a canteen or administration counter. When it’s filled up with small change, send it in! To have a donation box delivered to you, make a free call to 1800 068 064.

Volunteer: The House With No Steps has volunteers of all ages. Volunteer activities might drive disabled people to recreation events, prepare fund-raising mailouts, or supervise and mentor employees with disabilities. To volunteer, contact the Regional General Manager in your area. If you aren’t sure who this is, contact the Head Office, or check at

Why should people do this?

Aside from the cookies, potential cars and holidays?

The House With no Steps is a government-supported organisation that helps disabled people live, work, connect and learn. They provide a range of services including accommodation services, home care, work and learning opportunities, and independent living skills. Best of all, The House With no Steps provides a social hub with activities to encourage social participation.

Contact information

Head Office

Phone: 02 9451 1511

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