This service is no longer live but has been archived for information purposes only. Click here for more info.

House Rules

ActNow helps you take action on many of the issues affecting you and your community. It helps you better understand our world and many of the important issues we face, and it helps you do something about these issues and inspire others to as well. It is driven by you, so the way you drive it matters. Here are the rules of the road:

Act nice

  • Respect what others think and believe. It's very important that your posts don't make others uncomfortable or too embarrassed to express their viewpoint.
  • Be yourself. Sharing ideas and forming networks is an important part of taking action, so say who you are and most importantly, don’t impersonate someone else.
  • Don’t rant. It doesn't inspire action and doesn't convince others to become involved in an issue. It's great to put forward your opinion and ideas on an issue but keep it short and to the point.
  • Don’t be strange or sneaky. You know what we mean.

Be accurate

  • Use accurate information to justify your arguments and opinions.
  • Use sources or links to support your contributions
  • Don’t repost stuff again and again and again

Stay legal

  • Respect copyright. Don’t upload anything that isn’t yours or that you don’t have permission to use (this includes images, music, videos etc).
  • Don’t steal someone else’s ideas or words. Give credit where credit’s due; include a list of references you consulted at the bottom of your content pages.
  • No defamatory comments. Don’t post anything that could damage the reputation of an individual or organisation.
  • Don’t encourage anyone to commit a crime.
  • Don’t post content which is harassing, threatening, abusive, offensive, obscene or indecent.

No personal information (yours or anyone else’s)

  • Don’t post personal information, especially if your profile is on public view. This includes your email address, mobile phone number, your place of work etc. You can make your profile and blog private by changing your Account Settings.

You can contact another member by clicking on the 'Send Message' link from their member page. Your email address will not be revealed to them.

See ActNow's Online Safety Tips for potenital safety risks and tips for staying safe on online.

Don’t sell or advertise inappropriate stuff

  • It’s only ok to promote products and services that support charities and different issues (for example wrist bands, t-shirts etc).


  • Don’t campaign explicitly for or against a political party or candidate.
  • Don't upload full media statements or releases issued by organisations, unions, or political parties.
  • Discussion boards are for members to share their personal views, not for campaigning

Breaking the rules

  • There are consequences to breaking the rules. These include getting your content deleted and your account suspended.
  • Think a member has broken the rules? Go to the ‘Report this page’ link at the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

Last Thing

These House Rules were written to compliment the ActNow Member Terms. It’s really important that you are familiar with these—remember you signed them when you registered! To refresh your memory click here.

(PS thanks to the teams at BBC Action Network and—you inspired us to include this content!)