This service is no longer live but has been archived for information purposes only. Click here for more info.

Subscribing to ActNow RSS feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a easy way to stay up-to-date on the issues that make you tick. Whether that’s breaking news, the latest instalment in your favourite blog, or a rave review being added to your latest ActNow issue—RSS will deliver alerts to your desktop as it happens.

To sign up to a RSS feed you need two things:
  • a RSS reader such as Google Desktop or Feedreader (See a list of recommended readers and download links)
  • the link  (i.e the URL in the address field) of the RSS feed you want to receive updates for. On our site you can subscribe to updates for each page by clicking on the 'RSS THIS' link,  updates for each discussion board by clicking on the 'RSS COMMENTS' link, or updates for a member blog by clicking on the 'RSS BLOG' link (See images below).



Once you have these two things, just add the address of the RSS feed to your RSS reader’s list of feeds (see your reader’s user guide for further details). Then you’re done! As updates become available, they’ll appear on your desktop.

You can also subscribe to ALL blog comments by inserting  into your RSS reader and ALL discussion board comments by inserting