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Recycling is easy!

Recycled things!

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Welcome to The house of recycled things! This house was almost entirely furnished from second-hand goods! The people who live in this house often dress in second-hand clothing and jewellery, make new things out of old things, and recycle their waste using kerbside recycling bins! Take a look at some of the many wonderful recycled items and recycling ideas The house of recycled things has to offer.

Caption: Halloween house party decorations made from an old cardboard box!
Photographer: carmel

Caption: This old lounge chair once belonged to an elderly woman. But when the woman moved into a smaller house she didn’t want it anymore. Not only is this lounge chair comfy and stylish… it was also free! Second-hand retro lounge chairs are the best!
Photographer: carmel

Caption: Very old light fitting now used as a table decoration! My housemate found this on the street!
Photographer: carmel

Caption: A "kerbside" recycling bin!
Photographer: carmel

Caption: This old chocolate tin is the perfect jewellery box!
Photographer: carmel

Caption: 1980’s second-hand pink party dress!
Photographer: carmel

Caption: Second-hand tea set!
Photographer: carmel

Caption: ‘Green bag’ – the wonderful re-usable shopping bag filled with fruit and vegetables!
Photographer: carmel

Caption: This candle holder was made from an old coffee jar lid!
Photographer: carmel

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palms64 15-Sep-2006

Love recycling! my tip is due to close this christmas. I usually drop off green waste and metal and also take stuff home with me. One day i brought 8 bicycles home for the kids. I often take stuff to make wooden furniture etc. Plastic building supply bucket are fantastic compared to shop stuff. Plenty of metal stuff, boxes from closed down shops. Met a guy on his way into the tip last year and took a full drum kit off his truck onto mine.. cleaned her up for my daughter and will now be passed on to my nephew... Like to keep my trailer hooked to my car so i can pick up stuff along the way - including grass clippings, compost material.. the list never stops... Hey! if you want to run any stuff past me - try me.. thanks