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Want to make sense of it all?

Making sense of the federal election with ActNow!

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The  latest ActNow marketing campaign
is wrapping its groovy tentacles around Aussie websites as we speak. The stingers are already out at FBI radio, Naked Dwarf and amongst others.

In the lead up to this year's federal election we've been noticing loads of ads out there telling you to enrol, vote, side with an issue, tap your head and rub your tummy. It's all pretty overwhelming. The ActNow campaign simply gives you the option to head to if you 'want to make sense of it all'.

ActNow won't tell you who to vote for but it will give you the info you need to make up your own mind and feel more informed. Watch out, you may just spot us at a website near you!

To make sense of some of the key election issues check out the following on ActNow:

Changes to the voting system

How to find out which politician represents you

Federal, state, local - who's in charge of what?

Water Shortages


Murray-Darling Basin

Youth Debt

Cost of Studying

Little Children are Sacred

Global Climate Change

The War in Iraq

Industrial Relations

Young Workers' Rights

Workers' Unions

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rubaiyat 28-Nov-2007

It was briefly touched on but one of the worst aspects of the HECS scheme is that it encourages the best trained and most talented Australians to actually leave Australia.

As part of "economic rationalism" salary restraint has been pretty well enforced on everyone except top executives and those working in construction or mining.

The gap between what you will be paid in Australia and what you can expect to achieve overseas has grown in the last decade and a half.

Hardly surprising then that the opportunity to avoid repaying the HECS fees and getting a higher income has irresistibly drawn young graduates overseas. To the point there are now over 2 million Australians living outside Australia, many who may never come back as they settle down in foreign jobs, marriage and homes.

The madness is that this is all Government funded! The same government that says we must import foreign labour and talent to make up for the shortfall in Australia's workforce.

The same counter-productive policy that effectively exports water and top soil in the form of agricultural produce, from the driest and most infertile continent on Earth has been applied to its educated citizens.



Shelleyw 08-Oct-2007

Hack asks the question... What's NOT going to be an Election issue

What about the issues that don't make the electioneering spotlight? In this episode we look at the issues that the major parties WON'T be talking about in their quest to win your vote. Do you reckon same sex rights will slip under the election radar again this year? What about junior wages? (mp3, 29.1 MB)