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AIME, PO BOX 45 Wentworth Building
Cnr Butlin Ave and City Rd, University of Sydney NSW 2006
Phone : 02 9563 6813
Email :
Web :

Why do we exist ?

AIME exists to provide culturally sensitive, engaging and thorough support to Indigenous High School students.  The intention of which is to achieve the following four outcomes for our students:
  • Increase attendance
  • Increase School Certificate (Year 10) Completion Rates
  • Increase High School Certificate (Year 12) Completion Rates
  • Increase University Admission Rates

What do we do ?

The Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) is a mentoring program that partners University students one on one with Indigenous High School students from year 9-12.  In all the students recieve over 60 hours of additional, culturally sensitive support to help them make it through the school system. 

What opportunities do we have for young people ?

All of our mentors are University students who volunteer their time for one hour a week for 17 weeks.

Other Stuff

AIME works.  If this program is given the infrastructure to develop it has the potential to help make huge changes in Indigenous education and to the Australian psyche.  We are educating non-Indigenous Australians about Indigenous people and culture and building sustainable relationships, as well as educating Indigenous students on the language and skills needed to get through the Western European system. 

With this knowledge our staff, board, mentors, and supporters work beyond the call of duty, because for all of us involved in AIME, this is more than work, its the right thing to do.