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Why do we exist ?

The Ampersand Network exists to facilitate an increase in the number of university students who participate in volunteer work.

What do we do ?

The Ampersand Network has identified accessibility and appeal as the dual obstacles to youth participation in volunteering, and we work to remove those hurdles via a website. The website ( provides access to thousands of volunteering opportunities with local community groups, environmental projects and international agencies. The marketing strategy of the Ampersand Network includes using graphics that appeal to image-conscious youth, demonstrating that volunteering is a great addition to one’s CV and holding various social events.

What opportunities do we have for young people ?

Two current opportunities exist for young people. Either become a volunteer by sourcing an opportunity through our database or become involved in one of the Ampersand Network’s eleven teams that help further the goals of the Ampersand Network. Please email for information about joining one of the Ampersand Network’s teams.

Other Stuff

We are a dynamic student-created and student-led organization who launched their website in March 2005 to fill a gap in the information market. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response university students – our target demographic – as well as from community and business leaders.