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Ardoch Youth Foundation

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Why do we exist ?

Ardoch Youth Foundation's Mission is - To empower young people to recognise and achieve their dreams and our vision is to generate and facilitate community support for policies, programs and processes that assist young people, including those experiencing homelessness and/or disadvantage, to gain access to education and to create more options in life. Visit our website at to learn more about our organisation and the work we do.

What do we do ?

We recognise that when young people and families experience things like homelessness, poverty, family breakdown, alcohol or drug, abuse, violence, unemployment, death or mental illness in the family, learning or language difficulties, it can be really difficult to access a relevant education. It can be difficult to learn and it can be difficult to stay at school.

We also recognise that too many early childhood centres, primary and secondary schools lack the resources and ability to respond adequately to young people in such circumstances. This is where Ardoch’s expertise comes in. By mobilising community resources, volunteers and corporate interactions to provide programs in schools to support young people and their families.

What opportunities do we have for young people ?

Volunteers are the backbone of the Ardoch programs and we have an extensive volunteer network of people from all walks of life. Ardoch volunteers can be found working in schools, helping out in our office or helping in our basic needs panty.

All our volunteers pass through our volunteer recruitment process which includes full training and support. Some of the in school activities that our volunteers are involved in are: breakfast clubs, tutor/mentoring, lunchtime activities in schools, art activities, cooking, music and drama programs and sports activities. We often find that our volunteers come to us with skills that we can build into our programs. Contact Brooke on 03 9537 2414 if you are interested in becoming an Ardoch volunteer.

Other Stuff

Ardoch volunteers and supporters also act as 'advocates' for Ardoch, by sharing their experiences of working with Ardoch and helping us to get more and more people involved in the vital work we do for kids and their families experiencing disadvantage.