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Australian Altruism Foundation

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Why do we exist ?

Our vision is for an ethically, spiritually and psychologically healthy Australia. It is our passion, our commitment, to be actively engaged in the Australian community with awards presentations to inspire, grounded and practical programs that teach, on-going workshops that help create psychological authenticity and awareness… indeed any initiative that will dignify and celebrate the human spirit. Before you continue reading, please imagine one thing. Imagine a world where the sanctity of life, all life, is so respected that all people are committed to the wellbeing of others, a world where care and compassion are the primary values and principles. Now imagine living in that world. Mmm, there’s work to be done. How yummy!

What do we do ?

Our aims are to develop and implement initiatives / programs to encourage leadership in young people so they have the skills, values and confidence to contribute to and help grow an ethically, spiritually and psychologically healthy Australia. We aim to build a model Leadership University that produces leaders of integrity who are strongly equipped to help build an ethically, spiritually and psychologically healthy Australia. We operate a successful annual awards program (The Australian Humanitarian Awards—incorporating The Turtle Awards ‘acknowledging leaders who stick their necks out for the common good’), highlighting the qualities, values and benefits inherent in humanitarianism and leadership.  

The Australian Humanitarian Awards: Promoting a commitment to the wellbeing of others,’ …were first held in 1998. This and subsequent Award’s Presentation evenings were extremely successful both in terms of attendance (250+ at all presentations) and acknowledging ‘unsung’ and well known heroes in our nation. The Award recipients have come from all across Australia. The awards give us the opportunity to acknowledge outstanding people / organisations and promote humanitarian values, which benefit us all. The Australian Humanitarian Awards help dismantle the narrow belief that humanitarianism is the exclusive domain of health care professionals / volunteers, carers and charities. Humanitarianism is an inspiring and uniting value that we can all adopt and display in our every contact with others. Nominations are now open for the 2007 Humanitarian Awards! Please contact for more information, or to place a nomination.

The Turtle Awards:‘Acknowledging leaders who stick their necks out for the common good,’…are an annual Awards Presentation Evening. Recipients are acknowledged as beacons of the best attributes of leadership. They are visionary, humanitarian, compassionate, of integrity, courageous, spiritual and demonstrate initiative. And aren't these the values and principles we all reasonably expect from our leaders? The Turtle Awards help in dismantling the disappointing impression that many have (particularly our young) that leadership is about 'the survival of the fittest, the most aggressive, the wealthiest, the most powerful, the most charismatic / attractive, the most opportunistic, the most cunning'. There are leaders in every walk of life who demonstrate the best attributes of leadership—these are the leaders we must acknowledge and promote—this is the aim of The Turtle Awards.

What opportunities do we have for young people ?

Get your organisation, school, club, or workplace to host a Community Building Workshop or Youth Leadership Program (follow the links for a detailed overview of each amazing program).  
Australian Altruism Foundation is an ATO approved charity, and all profits will go to ATO approved charitable organisations or programs that work at street level with abused and homeless youth. Charitable organisations that help prevent later problems (with our young) through leadership, life skills, self-esteem and community / social responsibility and contribution / participation programs are also supported. Young people are also invited to becoming members of The Australian Altruism Foundation.

By becoming a member you are saying:
  • I want to acknowledge ‘leaders who stick their necks out for the common good…’
  • I want to promote the values of humanitarianism… ‘a commitment to the wellbeing of others…’
  • I want our future leaders to know far more about community, altruism, spirituality, integrity and compassion.
  • I value ‘prevention’ every bit as much as ‘emergency intervention.’
  • I support charitable community organisations that help our abused and homeless young people by providing them with ‘as long as is needed’ accommodation, counselling, nutrition and life skills education.
  • I support charitable young people organisations that work with other young people to raise their leadership consciousness and self-esteem.

Download a membership form here! And finally, if you have some time to spare, please contact to discuss volunteer opportunities at The Australian Altruism Foundation.

Other Stuff

Please don’t forget: nominations are open for the 2007 Humanitarian Awards! The independent judges assess nominees as follows:
  • Meeting the definition of humanitarian (One who seeks to forward the wellbeing of humanity; one who seeks to reduce harm, suffering, fear and loneliness in others; one who is committed to equity (the spirit of justice and fairness).
  • Lack of ulterior motive,
  • Sustained effort in reducing suffering and promoting equity,
  • Devotion to value of all human life,
  • Measurable achievements,
  • Sustained interest,
  • Demonstrated compassion in area of nomination,
  • Leadership and vision. Group or organisation in addition to the above must demonstrate…
  • Change to workplace culture,
  • Devotion to goals and vision,
  • Consumer / market feedback,
  • Possibility for replication.

Get in touch if you know someone who fits the bill!