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Australian League of Immigration Volunteers

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PO Box 200w Fairfield West NSW 2165
Phone : 0406 302 930
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Why do we exist ?

The main objective of the Australian League of Immigration Volunteers (ALIV) is to improve the lives of children and families with Bridging Visas and those living in Community Detention; as well as adults and children living inside Immigration Detention Centres.

What do we do ?

ALIV programs provide essential recreational and developmental opportunities for children, families and adults which ease loneliness and isolation and improve physical and mental health.

ALIV aims to increase the number of smiles on the faces of children and adults by promoting fun, laughter and relaxation. We are committed to empowering individuals and families and building more cohesive, tolerant communities.

ALIV Kids and Family Programs facilitated in the community are administered by volunteers who organise activities including excursions, camps, youth programs and general support.

ALIV Adult Programs inside Immigration Detention Centres are managed by volunteers who aim to advance the skills-base of immigration detainees and improve their enjoyment and quality of life.

What opportunities do we have for young people ?

We offer excellent volunteer management experience and training. Learning how to manage aspects of a charity is a great skill you can use in any area of your life and in paid or humanitarian work. ALIV provides the opportunity for young people to help grow the organisation to grow and develop themselves.

Other Stuff

ALIV is non-religious and non-political. We believe in working with everyone to do what is needed to be done, including the Australian Government.

We are not interested in being antagonistic to other organisations, the Government or anyone else. We do understand the media plays a very important role in the community but unfortunately there isn’t any antagonistic information in this organisation or website.

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joker 23-Aug-2007

oh! and there's heaps of admin roles that you can join too, HR - recruitment, grant writing, finances. It's great work experience in a non-businessy, not-too-serious, happy and fun environment! (at the same time, learning lots =D)



joker 23-Aug-2007


I've been involved with ALIV for a while now and it's been heaps of fun!! Some of the excursions (once a month) that we go to include the Easter Show, Luna Park, ice-skating, parks, aquarium, laser zone, movies. You get to meet great volunteers, learn a heaps about child development and the reward of making someone else happy.

ALIV is one of the most well-run organisations without any paid staff (purely volunteers from top to bottom). ALIV received the NSW Best Practice Volunteer Management award from NAB in the category of community service and development in 2006.

ALIV provides heaps of management training for team leader, programmer and management roles and is an awesome experience, you get to learn skills that you can take with you anywhere!

ALIV also received a humanitarian award from the Red Cross on World Refugee Day in 2006 ;)