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Australian Volunteers International

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Why do we exist ?

Every year, hundreds of Australians volunteer to live and work with developing communities overseas. They work with local organisations, on development projects that are locally-identified. Australian Volunteers International exists to recruit and prepare these volunteers, and support them in their work.

What do we do ?

Australian Volunteers International runs a volunteer program for skilled Australian professionals to work in developing countries. In addition, AVI recruits staff for a range of international development projects. AVI also offers a short-term, team-based youth program for Australians aged 18-30; a recruitment service for people wanting to work in indigenous communities; and a cross-cultural briefing service for organisations sending their staff overseas.

What opportunities do we have for young people ?

AVI runs a youth program in partnership with Youth Challenge Australia and Students Partnership Worldwide. If you’re aged 18-30, you can participate in short-term, team-based programs in Asia, the Pacific and Africa. You will live and work with local communities, on projects that range from construction to environmental education and community health. Projects are timed to suit university breaks.

Other Stuff

Volunteering overseas can be the experience of a lifetime. Most AVI volunteers tell us that they got far more from the experience than they may have contributed. Volunteering is a great way to get to know a country and its people, and you will return with unique experiences and new friends.

Want to find out more about AVI? Come to an information session, subscribe to our free magazine Australian Volunteer or our e-newsletter, or visit our website to view overseas placements that are currently available.

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ruwdhi 08-Aug-2010

i am an Executive Director of RUWDHI a Volunteer service Corps organization.RUWDHI primarily works with rural communities in and around Cape Coast-Ghana.West Africa, but we also have strong roots in the community are capable of providing meaningful and important projects for interns of all backgrounds to work on while minimizing the cost to the intern

We know that any intern working with RUWDHI would have many unique and fulfilling experiences while providing very important aid to those who are in great need.

i writing to ask how can our organization work with your organisation so that we can have volunteers from you end.i notice you don't place volunteer in Ghana who have so much resource where volunteers can benefit so much.
i am ready to go by your rule and regulations..hope to hear from you soon!/group.php?gid=267440418977&ref=ts