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Clockwork Young People's Health Service, VIC

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Old Post Office Building, 83 Ryrie Street, Geelong 3220
Phone : 03 5222 6690
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Why do we exist ?

Clockwork Young People’s Health Service is a free, confidential holistic health service for young people aged 12-25 years, recognised nationally as an innovative and effective model in assisting young people to reach their optimum level of health and well being. The aim of the Clockwork model is to promote the accessibility and quality of health care for young people, both by offering the direct provision of a range of holistic health care services and by distributing information on adolescent health to general practice and other mainstream health services throughout Australia.

What do we do ?

Clockwork has seen Beanbag open up doors for young people who otherwise would not have had access to jobs, courses and skill development. We have utilised the equipment for hi-tech theatrical productions and other youth arts events, printing programs and fliers, which have enabled many other young people to benefit as a flow-on effect of Beanbag. Gigs and shows have been filmed, editing taken place, and our film promoting Clockwork services from the perspective of a young person has created many other opportunities in its wake.

What opportunities do we have for young people ?

Multimedia production, editing, health promotion materials, job search, training/study-related, vocational development (one young person utilised the equipment to film himself skating, so as to enter comps, much the same as a band might do a “promo” video-clip to send to record companies.)