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Education Foundation

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Why do we exist ?

The Education Foundation believes that kids can do anything with a great education. Our mission is to work with public schools and the community to give young people the opportunity to unlock their potential.

Our main objectives are to:
  • stimulate new thinking, commitment and involvement in public education, and
  • engage and inspire kids in public schools during the compulsory years who are at risk of dropping out or disengaging from learning with the resources, role models and real life learning opportunities they need to stay at school to year 12 or equivalent.

What do we do ?

The Education Foundation is the only independent, non-profit organisation in Australia that supports young Australians by funding and facilitating innovation in the public education system. Our focus is educational excellence and equality of opportunity.

What opportunities do we have for young people ?

Young people are currently engaged in activities include:
  • participating in programs such as ruMAD?, Back To School Day and The City Centre
  • young students can be funded under our scholarships program,
  • volunteering at the Education Foundation. If you have particular area of interest in education—please enquire about our volunteer program.

We also encourage young people to donate to the Foundation. To find out more, please visit

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