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Why do we exist ?

To get people participating in politics, and to build a more progressive Australia.

What do we do ?

GetUp uses the internet to give people access to the political process, to make it easier to participate in politics in Australia. We run campaigns on issues of national importance and offer our members the opportunity to participate by expressing their views to the key decision makers.

What opportunities do we have for young people ?

All you need to do to participate is sign up to receive our email alerts about campaigns, and then take action.

GetUp will also be launching a volunteer program soon, with lots of opportunities for young people to get more involved in what we do.

Other Stuff

GetUp was set up in August 2005. It's a small not-for-profit organisation that relies entirely on donations to operate. It's not associated with any political party, but aims to find new ways to get people engaged and active in politics.

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Ilone 27-Jul-2006

Hi All,

David Hicks deserves a fair trial in his own home country, Australia. Our politicians have turned a blind eye to this man, he has been abandoned by the Australian Government. GET UP won't stand for this and neither will the Australian population.

Please read this:

And sign the petition to fight for David's right to be fairly trialed in Australia:


Ilone :0)