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Inspire Foundation

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PO Box 1790
Balmain NSW 2039
Phone : 02 8585 9300
Email :
Web :

Why do we exist ?

To create opportunities for young people to help themselves and help others.

What do we do ?

By combining the power of technology with the face-to-face involvement of young people, Inspire delivers three national programs:

Reach Out!—provides information and support to help young people get through tough times,

Beanbag—partners with youth centres around Australia to provide educational, employment and social opportunities for young people living in our most under-served communities.

ActNow—helps young people taken action on social issues that affect them and their community,

What opportunities do we have for young people ?

Become a member of our youth advisory board for Reach Out! or ActNow,

Do an office internship with ActNow in Sydney. Email Mim at

Other Stuff

We have been around for about 8 years, are funded by individuals, corporate foundations, and some government departments. We’ve won awards, have cool people as patrons and experienced people as board members. See website for more.

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Josie 09-Oct-2006

Thanks to all the staff and young people involved with the Inspire Foundation for all their dedication and hard work. I'm so impressed by the huge number of young people that Inspire reaches through its 3 programs. I'm thankful to have been lucky enough to be involved as an intern on the ActNow program -Thanks Inspire!!