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Jesuit Social Services

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Why do we exist ?

Jesuit Social Services works with disadvantaged young people, families and communities, and is committed to effecting social change

What do we do ?

We work in some of the most difficult and demanding areas of human service, including the areas of crime, addiction, mental illness, long-term unemployment and entrenched social disadvantage.

We are also involved at the community level, with inner city neighbourhoods in high-rise public housing estates and we have a particular involvement with the Vietnamese community, with several Vietnamese born members of staff.

Jesuit Social Services, through its policy and research arm, is involved in work in the field of public policy, research and advocacy, on behalf of the disadvantaged members of our society.

What opportunities do we have for young people ?

Direct Online Donations

We have the capacity to allow you to make a direct online donation through a secure link to the National Bank, courtesy of Our Community.Com web page.

Neither the National Bank nor Our Community.Com charges for this service.


The Disadvantaged, The Neglected, and The Socially Excluded.
Jesuit volunteer programs offer opportunities for community service. These opportunities are characterised by a concern for those in need and a commitment to justice.

A diverse range of work placements invites those wishing to donate their time to live a simple lifestyle, to contribute to practical programs of service, and the chance to deepen their spirituality according to Ignatian values and principles.

Within the range of Jesuit Social Services programs there are numerous opportunities for volunteers to apply their professional, trade, administrative and personal and social skills