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National Parks Association of NSW

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Why do we exist ?

The National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) is the biggest bushwalking organisation in Australia and one of the biggest environment groups in NSW. We seek to protect all natural areas of New South Wales so that future generations can enjoy them.

What do we do ?

NPA campaigns for environmental protection throughout NSW by talking directly to governments, industries and local people about environmental problems and issues and encouraging them to take action. You can find more information about these campaigns on our website.

We run the biggest bushwalking program in the southern hemisphere. Every year our trip leaders run around 800 bushwalks all over Australia, ranging from short strolls to month-long hikes through the wilderness.

Finally, we run activities that help the community learn about the environment and “do their bit”. These activities include biodiversity surveys (counting the plant and animals species in an area, and occasionally discovering new ones), bush regeneration days (planting native trees, pulling out weeds and picking up rubbish) and HarbourKeeper activities.

What opportunities do we have for young people ?

Young people can get involved in any of our hands-on programs. We’d particularly like help on our HarbourKeepers program to clean up Sydney Harbour and our CoastKeepers program to protect beaches and inlets.

Young people in country areas can join a survey team to learn more about local plants and animals and develop hands-on surveying skills. We also like to hear from people who want to volunteer in our Head Office in Sydney.

There is of course always opportunities for young people to join any of the walks or other activities advertised in our regular walks program

Other Stuff

The National Parks Association was formed in 1957 to create a system of national parks all over New South Wales.

Today we are a non-profit, non-Government group, with a large number of volunteers. We have branches (19) and members (4000) all across NSW, and many of our activities take place outside of Sydney.

We don’t actually manage the National Parks, although we do keep a close watch on how they are looked after and campaign for improvements. The parks are managed by a Government agency, the National Parks and Wildlife Service.