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One Tribe, QLD

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39 Partridge St, Inala , QLD 4077
Phone : (07) 3372 4462
Email :
Web :

Why do we exist ?

One Tribe is an Indigenous focused Youth Organisation based in Inala, QLD.
We offer a variety of programs for young people including sporting and recreational activities, youth support, and aim to empower young people and their communities to identify their own issues and work together to overcome them.

What do we do ?

The One Tribe Beanbag Centre was launched in September 2005. Our centre is primarily a drop in centre for young people, however older people do access the centre during the day. We have three computers donated by the Inspire Foundation, and a further seven computers in the Beanbag Room which were donated by the Brisbane City Council.

What opportunities do we have for young people ?

During the day people can access the computers for job searching, writing CV’s and to look for training opportunities. From 3pm to 3.30pm the Beanbag Centre is used for homework and assignments only. Following this, young people can use the computers as they wish. The majority of young people tend to search the internet for music, information for assignments and to play games. At present, two afternoons a week from 3pm to 6pm we run Multimedia Design Workshops in conjunction with Speak Out Design Studio. Young people are designing t-shirts, postcards, temporary tattoos, and posters for the upcoming Stylin’ Up 2006, which is an annual hip hop festival held in Inala which is attended by over 10,000 people each year.

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taceywacey 04-Nov-2009

Good on you guys and all the best.

From Tace



ASHH ;; 27-Nov-2008

What a great idea!
And so close to home - its amazing work everyone.

From Ashley