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Name: Jacqui
I live: Sale
My name is Jacqui. I'm a true Australian and love being around other people. I live with my parents, little sister and two pets, Zoe (a dog) and Mango (a little ginger cat). I live by two motto's (because one is just not enough) "If you have something to say to me, say it to my face" and "Believe you have a Purpose" I have a mild anxiety problem that I deal with my breathing deeply and doing yoga. Music is my religion and it helps me to believe in God (how could God not exist in a place where music makes you feel free).

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Why Can't They See? 31-08-2011 06:58

I just can't understand how people these days don't care about how others feel but again saying that, those same people tend to over react at the slightest thing. And teenagers especially, don't understand what depression and anxiety. I really do believe that teenagers need to become aware of mental illnesses, not just for our education but for the people around them Jacqui, 15

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