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I live: Darwin-> Rural Darwin
MY BIO - well atm iam studying a Batchelor of humanities and community studies at Charles Darwin University and i hope to *one day soon* put these skills into action. whist doing this i also completing a CertIV in tourism and work Part-time. iam also interested in art and especally photography --’website:

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Its been a really messed up 6 months 15-09-2011 10:06

So i haven't been updating for 6 months, this is due to Uni, Life and work commitments :D but i am hopefully going to be more active in the next few months, but there is only 6 weeks of uni left and i will be stressed i know that, however writing these might just be my escape.

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Uni, Work, Homelife and Friends (allong with other things) 30-03-2011 03:17

Hey all,
I am never really sure on how to write a blog however i shall give this idea a go.

There are some things in the world that are there to help us, then there are those things that are meant to make us stronger.... but what ever happened to those things that make us who we are? is that the place we come form, our up bringing if so (which for everyone reading its your Nurture and Nature that makes you who you are) if we are made from what is around us.... and our upbringing.... why do i over pack my day? my weeks and months with Part-Time employment, Full time University Higher ed and VET CERT IV, my already complicated Home Life and friends.... its because in my world stress gives me the motivation to do the work, and when i don't feel stressed or pressure, i feel as though i cant take action... this comes to my final point everyone is different!
Simple as that... Difference!!

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