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Name: Narelle
I live: Abbotsford, NSW
I'm the Director of Finance and Human Resources for Inspire, so basically I look after the cash and the people (and not necessarily in that order!). Money is a necessary evil to keep Inspire (and ActNow) running, so we are always looking for ways of receiving more support, from individuals, corporates and anyone who believes in what we do. Our support comes in cash, and in-kind - through donations of time, resources and equipment and we are very appreciative of all those that keep us going. Our people are truly our biggest asset, from founder, Jack Heath, through to all the Program staff and support staff. We all love where we work, and my role is to ensure that everyone continues to want to come to work everyday and find new people to join Inspire and continue the sensational work we've done to date. We've a small staff with very big hearts. Where do I come from and why am I here? Originally, the little Victorian town of Mooroopna, commonly known as Fruit Salad City. From there I went to Melbourne, worked for the Women's National Basketball League for all, then worked in the building industry for a while. My next not-for-profit role was Greening Australia, and then last year I found the Inspire Foundation, and found the organisation to be just what I was looking for, a great cause, passionate people and an opportunity to be involved in initiatives that make a huge difference in people's lives. Oh and I play baseball ... a lot!

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