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Issues I’m into: Crisis in Lebanon; Same-sex marriage; Young carers ; Abuse of women's rights; Body image; Responsible travel ;

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Name: Jess
I live: Sydney

I'm a 21 year old, third year Social Work student at Sydney Uni who is currently doing an internship at Inspire. I have a deadly addiction to gossip magazines and websites, going to concerts, knowing useless facts about celebrities and watching mindless crap. I also love to go out with my friends, travel and generally have a good time.

What do I want to change about the world? The world is a complex place where alot of things need to be changed... so I can't really do it alone but things like this website allow people to group together about things they care about.
Racism really angers me. I was born in Hong Kong and lived there for 11 years, went to an International school and never saw any difference in race. Then I moved to Sydney, went to an all-girls school with only a few Asian girls in my year and from then on, race became very evident. It's weird going from an environment where everyone is the the same and colour, race, ethnicity, religion etc don't matter and aren't discussed.

Who inspires me? All my friends, my mum and people who try to make their dreams and aspirations reality, not caring what other people think! It's always fun to prove people wrong!

What makes me laugh? My friends and I, when we are just hanging out and the things that we do and say.... That's probably when I laugh the most!

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