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Issues I’m into: Smoking and second-hand smoke; Workplace discrimination; Illiteracy; Australian republic debate; Problem gambling; Multiculturalism;

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Name: Julia
I live: Lakemba, a suburb in western Sydney
Well hello, I come to ActNow as an intern from the University of Technology Sydney. I'm in the final year of my degree, a BA in Communications and I'm pretty itchy to implement some practical skills in the community, and what better way than via ActNow! My parents are orginally from Lebanon, but I was born and bread in Australia so my interests for the welfare of this place strech far and wide :) I've dabbled in lots of professional fields including journalism, public relations work, and community services, which pretty much epitomises my approach to life - 'Don't decide (or rather can't) until you've experienced most things' This of course can prove to be a problem in the finance department, so my experience in part-time retail outlets is quite long as well! More about me? Well I find it pretty difficult discussing myself (ha!) so I'll tell you some community issues that make me cringe!, make me smile, and of course make me angry! Being from a culture other than english, I am interested in the migrant voice within Australia, and related issues of immigrants including; - Language barriers for immigrants in attaining advocacy in instituitional spheres - Acceptance of other cultures - Womens issues (I'm not an Nazi-feminsit (sic)) but I do feel that there are major obstacles for women prevalent in society, such as career choices, maternity leave, cost of child care etc, etc - And importantly, im interested in constantly questioning what it really means to be 'Australian'? I think its soo important that there is a constant critiquing of ourselvs in terms of personal values and identities, in order to acheive some sort of national outlook! Does that make sense? hmm probably not, but hey that is the nature of my rambles! I hope this helps in somehow letting you know who I am!

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