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Issues I’m into: Child soldiers; Death penalty; Fair trade; HIV and AIDS; Abuse of women's rights; Animal testing; Human trafficking; AIDS prevention; Asylum seekers, refugees & more: definitions;

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Name: Tully Maz
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um..well i believe in basic human rights and equality, and about abolishing poverty. i've set up many actions and i ask you to PLEASE take a look and help people in need. it costs no money and takes very little effort and time.

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websites 18-09-2009 08:58

here are some good websites where you can sign petitions and send emails to authoritive figures that concern current issues. check  them out and hopefully sign some.

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Mr Ward's death 17-09-2009 11:12


on amnesty they have this thing where you can send emails to authoritive figures in like 5 minutes. there's ths one about a community leader who died...

these are the details of his death (copied from amnesty website):

Mr Ward was arrested for allegedly drink-driving on Australia Day 2008. The next day, after being refused bail, he was put in the rear pod of a prisoner transport van and driven 360kms to Kalgoorlie.

The two guards in charge drove non-stop for four hours through the hottest part of the day. There was no air-conditioning in the rear pod of the van and the guards did not once check on Mr Ward's welfare.

Inside the metal pod, the temperature reached up to 50.4°C and the metal floor peaked at up to 56.6°C. Mr Ward died of heatstroke and suffered a serious burn from his skin touching the metal surface. His body temperature was 41.7°C when he reached Kalgoorlie Hospital. Despite the efforts of hospital staff, they were unable to revive him.

please write a letter or atleast just check out the page:


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