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Zenna Baxter

Name: Zenna
I live: Cairns

Hello everyone. My name is Zenna, I’m a student at James Cook University in Cairns. I was previously doing a degree in film and TV at QUT however my trip to India opened my eyes and changed my life! I am now very passionate about learning about different cultures, so I’m majoring in anthropology and doing a minor in archaeology.


I am passionate about many things in life. I have grown a particular attachment to apes, I absolutely love gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orang-utans! Dian Fossey is one of my heroes and I also look up to Jane Goodall. They were/are both amazing researchers and conservationists. Recently I signed up for a program at the Cairns Tropical Zoo doing volunteer work so I'm excited to be working there.


I hope to one day combine my anthropology, filmmaking and love for primates together into a career, however I would also be happy to have a job with AusAID or a conservation NGO maybe even UNEP.

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I've created a blog! 06-09-2009 12:54

An action I've recently taken was to become a vegetarian and to be more conscious about the food that I buy and eat. So I've created a blog to share my experience with everyone! Please check it out:

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My 22nd Birthday 22-05-2009 01:27

Well I've decided that in September when I turn 22 I will be holding a fundraiser party. Where the money will go to I'm not sure. I guess it would be fitting if I gave the money to the Borneo Orangutan Survival group as I am an advocate for the use of sustainable palm oil to help save these creatures.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know. =)

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Action Update 04-09-2008 03:53

I've recieved the pamphlets about palm oil however they have only given me 12 so I will use them sparingly, perhaps putting a few up at uni and maybe one on the high school notice board and one in the office. I have also decided to make up information packs on CD-ROM so I can  hand them out to people. That will include: information about palm oil, useful websites, sample letters and who to send the letters to and maybe a promotional video clip.

I emailed the high school the other day however I'm yet to hear from them so I am going to try and make time tomorrow to pay them a visit so that we can arrange a time that I can talk to the seniors.

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My Action: The Palm Oil Crisis! 28-08-2008 03:28

Hey everyone!

I emailed the Palm Oil Action Group and recieved a quick response with a lot of information and an invitation to their "loop" so I get all the new up to date information about the palm oil crisis.

I have decided to ask the local high school (where I went to high school) if I can do a talk about palm oil and its affects on the environment, so hopefully I will spark an interest in some of the eco concious seniors and start a little action group there. I am also going to bring the idea of spreading the word of palm oil to my university environmental group.

Things are happening and I'm feeling very inspired.


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ENVIROFIESTA 2008! 26-07-2008 12:54

Keep an eye out for all the info from the Envirofiesta 2008. Cairns holds this environmental festival every year and this year I'm a volunteer so I'll be getting nice and close to everything that's happening! Envirofiesta will be next Saturday the 2nd of August Greenslopes St, Cairns!

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The ActNOW Incubator 25-07-2008 05:02

As of next Monday I will be on the Youth Advisory board for the ActNOW Incubator which I am very excited about, I am looking forward to posting all kinds of information about issues surrounding Cairns.

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