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ActNow Crew

Name: ActNow Team
I live: Balmain

ActNow has entered the blogosphere!

Hola citizens of the blogosphere and awesome ActNow dudes and dudettes!

The ActNow crew has decided to get a bloggin and start many and varied conversations with you about all things ActNow (and lets but honest, some things that aren't relevant but are floating our boat!)

The ActNow Crew blog is a place where you can get the low down on what's going on at ActNow HQ, rad projects we're working on, cool people we're working with, as well as lots of other random (and hopefully interesting) stuff!

You can expect to hear from all members of the ActNow crew including:


 Ben - AN Program Coordinator


Jess - ActNow Project Manager

And if one blog isn't enough, you can also follow us on Twitter @ActNow_Aus 

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New - ChangeMaker! 21-09-2011 01:39

Over at, we’ve been working really hard on something awesome we think will be right up your alley. As you know, we’re passionate about providing the best resources we can to help people around Australia to find ways to make change on the big social issues.

That's why we teamed up with the crew at to develop a new mobile site that takes the resources and information you need to make change - and puts them right in your pocket.

To check it out, head to now, or open it on your mobile device at!

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Deadline Extended! One Week Only 23-05-2011 03:04

Hey all!

We've had some great contributions to the ActNow What Would You Change challenge, but less than we'd like to give a decent group to pick from.

Therefore, we've decided to extend the comp by one week only to give everyone a chance to get their article in.

You can write about any issue that gets your heart pumping, where you would like to see change happen in the world. By submitting, you can get the chance to have your writing published in a leading current affairs and opinion website.

To submit your article, all you need to do is:

  • Pick an issue you care about
  • Write a 300 - 600 word article about it, and how you would make change
  • Find a photo for it
  • Send your article, a title, and your photo to by SUNDAY MAY 29

Click here for submission guidelines

We wanna know what you have to say, so go on and tell us what you care about!

- Shane & the ActNow Crew

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One week to go! What Would You Change challenge 16-05-2011 10:01

We've made it! We are now in the final week of the 'What would you change?' Writing competition.

This means that you have just ONE WEEK left to get your articles in by Sunday 22nd May!

Remember, just by sending in a piece on what you would like to change about Australia or the world, your writing will be considered to be published on leading news and opinion website

By participating on the site (leaving comments etc) you go in the running to win one of 2 digital cameras for being the most active user in the competition period.


Send your article with your name, ActNow username, a title and a picture to


  • keep it conversational
  • choose a subject that’s topical, fresh, or something you are passionate about
  • it doesn’t have to be serious, we like fun too!
  • feel free to surprise us by writing about something out of the box


Check out some of the pieces submitted so far:

Where we are, and where we should be heading - Matt Sorenson

Should animals be kept in captivity - Jerusha Mather

Being better Australians - Seb NSW

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Writing for the What Would You Change Challenge! 02-05-2011 09:51

Hi all!

We are now exactly half way through the time set aside for the What Would You Change article writing competition at ActNow! That means there is only 3 weeks left to submit.

DEADLINE: Sunday 22nd May, 2011

We're looking for young people 14-25 to write articles about the issues that they care about, answering the question "What would you change about the world?".

The top 5 articles will be picked by a panel of writers to be published on the leading Australian current affairs and news website!


We are also giving away 2 digital cameras as prizes to the people who contribute most to the ActNow community in the competition period, leaving comments on blogs and participating in discussions. We need articles up to start commenting!


You can get full details of the competition, including submission guidelines, at

If you are having trouble uploading your article to the ActNow website, send it to me at along with your ActNow username and we will it upload it for you.

Good luck! We're looking forward to some great articles.

- Shane & the ActNow Team

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How to save time and keep up to date with the ActNow crew!! 07-08-2009 03:16

The ActNow blog is now in full swing and I thought it would be good to have a bit of an RSS 101 so that you can keep track of all the meanderings from the ActNow Crew (and not miss out on any of the good stuff we are posting either!!!)

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication which gives you a place to store all the content from the web that you love to read.

To get RSS happening you need an RSS feeder and the address link of the RSS feed you want to get updates from - for more information check out the ActNow “What is RSS?” article here.

Also check out the video below which is a good guide for getting started:

To follow the Actnow Crew blog copy this URL below and put it into your reader:

To RSS any other content on ActNow check out how to do it here!!!

Also - just a hint – if you get an error page that comes up just copy and paste that URL into your feed reader.

Happy RSS-ing over the next week guys – let us know what you think about it in the comments section!!

(P.S Can you tell I am a fan??)

- Ben

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Should you be picky about jobs? 27-07-2009 04:44

According to the Employment Minister, Mark Arbib, young people should be more flexible about the types of jobs they apply for considering the current economic climate is not so hot.

He reckons that young people can still follow their dreams but that they need to approach the job market differently and perhaps take jobs that aren’t ‘prefect’.

Check out his comments here:

Do you think that Minister Arbib is right? Should you be more flexible when applying for jobs?

What are your thoughts on the current job market? Has it changed your approach to applying for jobs?

- Jess

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We want you! 24-07-2009 04:02

ActNow is on the search for some inspiring interns!

If you're passionate about ActNow and looking for an exciting work experience opportunity this could be the gig for you.

We are after some crafty creatives, grammar lovin' editors, and mad marketers to generate content for ActNow and assist in the production of our e-newsletters.

Here are the links to all the info you need to know:

ActNow Content Developer

ActNow Content Editor

ActNow Three Things Creator

To apply, you just need to flick us a cover letter telling us why you want the role and your resume!

Applications close Friday 14 August.

Send the ActNow Crew an email if you have any questions.

- Jess

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The extreme radness that is ActNow 10-07-2009 04:17

So in the first ever post to the ActNow crew blog, I thought I’d kick off by reflecting on what I love about ActNow and linking to a few of my favourite pieces of content on the site…

At the risk of sounding really cheesy, I have to admit that it’s seriously difficult to narrow down my love for ActNow into a couple of sentences. After all, ActNow to me, is one of too few spaces out there that brings together so many amazing people and offers so many awesome opportunities and tools to create change. Just take a quick tour of some of the 5,000+ members here and the content they’ve contributed to get an idea of the volume of talent and energy that I’m talking about…

That brings me to another challenge – picking 5 of my favourite pages on ActNow (in no particular order):

1. Joker’s ‘Axis of awesomeness’ - on the relationship between ‘action’ and ‘happiness’

2. Tagging the West Bank - for peace

3. The Freedom Centre’s profile page – an awesome organisation run by young people for young people

4. Sky's piece on building community - through social networking sites

5. 3 Things – our awesome newsletter!

So…what makes ActNow awesome for you?

- Atari

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