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Issues I’m into: Homophobia; Indigenous health; Graffiti; Mental health; Fair trade; GM foods; HIV and AIDS; Sustainable energy sources; Abuse of women's rights; Refugees & asylum seekers in detention;

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Name: Atari
I live: Sydney Town

I work at Inspire (the organisation behind ActNow) in the research and policy crew as the Evaluation Mananger. My job is all about measuring the impacts of what we's kinda nerdy (though I love it!) and really important, as it also helps shape what we plan for the future (which makes all the stats and facts involved in evaluation much more exciting and interesting!).

Before joining the research crew, I spent 3 years in the ActNow team developing the Youth Action project, alongside helping out with running digital film making and photography workshops all over the country for another Inspire project (formerly known as Beanbag). In between that, I've also been working on ways to make ActNow and its sister site, more accessible and relevant to young carers and sexuality, sex and gender diverse young people...

Outside of work I'm pretty obsessed with photography, soy chai, and all things architecture/design related...

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Procrastin-action 13-05-2007 02:03

With the end of semester looming I'm looking down the barrell of lots of uni work and probably a couple of near-all-nighter's...

And, as usual, it seems the home stretch has kicked off with a fair bit of procrastination. Which, is not all bad really...especially when procrasination leads to catching up on taking action on issues I care about!

Today I signed two petitions and enquired about membership to ANTAR which is a national organisation that promotes native title and reconciliation.

The first petition I signed was all about urging the WA Government to get cracking on taking up the recommendatinos proposed by urban strategy expert, Charles Landry, on Perth's future development. Landry spent 7 weeks researching Perth and put forth some great suggestions on how the city can grow its creative capital and reach its potential as a great city. Being a pethling myself, and one who was lured to Sydney for bigger and brighter things, I was heartened to see a grassroots movement campaigning for change! (see

The other petition I signed was the online 'Sea of Hands' for reconciliation (see This is a pretty nifty way of presenting a petition - visitors can design their own hand and add it to the virtual sea alongside the other thousansd of hands :D

Anyways...I've procrastinated enough already! I'd better get back to writing boring stuff about economies of scale and the domestic airline industry in Australia *yawn*

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