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Name: Catherine
I live: Sydney
Hey guys I want to change the world because like most people i believe somethings wrong with it. In fact I don't believe there's any other choice but to Act Now. But here's just something so wicked cool...the marxian notion of Praxis or gaining knowledge through investigating the world concludes that the only way to understand the capitalist system is to destroy it, well he may be onto something bigger. Infact I think we could say, the only way to really understand the world in general, is not sit and study and accept it, but to fight it and change it.

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My action 01-09-2007 08:05

So it looks like I've completed my action and it was probably more personally than socially beneficial. But as long as that inspires others to have confidence in taking action it's fine by me.

My action was initially about the problems in the magazine industry. They try to encourage young people, particularly girls, to be themselves whilst forcing them to subscribe to a certain means of defining themselves - commercialism. Products are now used to indicate the parameters for individuality. For example, you can pick whatever colour you want, but what you buy must be a pair of skinny tube jeans of labels either x, y, or z because your category is this shape.  It's destructive conditioning which negatively impacts on the development of individuals during adolescence.

So what did I do about it? My teeny weeny action was to use the media industry itself, ie. print journalism, to raise my concerns. I submitted a piece for the heckler and also for Honi Soit at Sydney University. Though it was enjoyable, I'm not satisfied quite yet, because they haven't been published.

Hence, I decided to rethink my action. I gave myself a mandate that I am going to continue to write articles and opinion pieces to newspapers. I'm sure my commentary is worthwhile, even if its just because I'm taking an action that I otherwise would not have taken. It's better to get off you're arse and damn well try than let it become numb with ambivalence.

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Incubator Workshop! 30-07-2007 10:12

The first morning after the incubator workshop seems a good starting point for a blog. Though not much of a blogster myself I know its a really good way to keep you guys updated on what I'm doing and where I'm going. And though it perhaps may not always make sense, hey there's a point where you just have to put it out there! I had heaps of fun at the workshop and really enjoyed getting to know all of you. To Jess, Mim and the rest of the ActNow/Inspire crew: You guys just sparkle and the weekend (and Jess' tacos) were pretty sublime as well. Thanks for the good times :)

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