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Name: ANYCAT - YCAB member
I live: Back at home for now
I'm A former young carer who knows what its like to be a carer, and what its like to end that care. The lack of Support for young carers both on the state level and at the federal level really concerns me, thats why I want to ActNow. Young Carers around Australia and indeed the world inspire me, the things they have to do is just incredible. At this point in time there's not really much for me to laugh at or about

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YC 26-03-2010 12:45

Well its been a little over a month since the last update so I should probably write a new one.

Firstly we are awaiting 'other' funding options - we've written letters to local and national companies asking for them to provide funding for YC support groups.

Secondly LM is rallying support for a stall in a local shopping centre with the aim to raise awareness of YC, this stall is set to be held during National Youth Week.


On a personal level, things are still hectic and I'm about to move to Gympie which may make events in Brisbane hard to get to, but that will just make me want to get there all the more. ("If somethings important enough you MAKE the TIME")


A closing thought: "Laugh hard, Laugh Long, for Laughter is contagious"  (26th March 2010, 1145)

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Young Carers 24-02-2010 12:36

This will be a short blog, I hope. With the number of young carers projected to increase dramatically in the next 10 to 30 years now is the time to get ourselves and our nation prepared for it. As a member of both ANYCAT and YCAB I am a staunch supporter of Young Carer Support Groups, after a recent ActNow Seminar in Melbourne I came away with a project that once completed will see Queensland Young Carers with support groups in their local areas. At this time, I am rallying support both Financial and Physical (the attendance by YC's) for these groups. If you believe that you can help please let me know. (23rd Feb 2010, 2336)

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