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Name: Dianna Wright
I live: Perth, Western Australia

My Eyes have been opened to see what we have done now let your eyes be opened and see what we have done

As an indegenous person I am connected with the land as are my elders who ask me to respect the land when I do wrong towards the land and I admit that I have done wrong towards the land if everyone did the same as me andd noticed what they were doing and how it affects everyone around them in the long term they would see things from a similar perspective as i do! This is what makes me want to act now when my elders tell me what will happen to the land if we all do rong towards the land. I want to help others to see how the world has changed and how it will effect the next generation to come! My inspiration is my practical geography teacher who has also contributed to my change in behaviour towards the environment and how I and others treat it. The people who inspired me the most about the environment and to act NOW is my grandparents who are indeginous elders of the language group we belong to!

I currently recived good news that I was nominated for the Commonwealth youth green ambassodor of the year award for 2006 and well I WON I AM ONE OF THE COMMONWEALTH BANK GREEN AMBASSADORS FOR 2006

I am a very strong young woman and hope to make an impact on people's lives just by showning them how much good that they can do for our land and our world to help contribute to making it a better place!!

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