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Name: Ehon
I live: Adelaide, Australia
It's weird trying to tell yourself in the least words possible, but I'll try to talk about what I do at the moment. :)

I'm a final year Medical Science student in Flinders University doing a double major in Neuroscience and Physiology and Pharmacology and Toxicology.

I'm a Reach Out! ( Youth Ambassador, a website dedicated to provide information, support and resources to improve young people's understanding of mental health issues, develop resilience, increase coping skills, and facilitate help.

I believe that everyone goes through life's ups and downs but some people are luckier than the other; but hardwork and support from the community makes healing possible. I might not have experienced a mental illness myself but that's not a reason good enough for me, or anyone else to be ignorant.

I tutor two first year Biology topics at Flinders University - Molecular Basis of Life and Evolution of Biological Diversity.

I love people. I love their stories, why they dress, feel, love, hate, walk, live the way they do.

I love photography and have done a 3 months digital photography course, and worked at a photography studio as well. It's cool as. But I've got a long way to go.

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Three good years 10-11-2008 10:55

More or less three years ago, I sat at in front of an education counsellor, choosing where to go - UK or Australia.

Never in my wildest dream I'd imagine that the poor kid who grew up through poverty, had the opportunity to make the choice whether or not to further his study one day, and even better, get to choose to do it oversea.

When I was little, I hated the fact that I had to live in a small house with so many family members. I hated the fact that I never had new clothes - it was always prior owned by my sister, counsins or neighbours. I hated the fact that we can never afford to travel, and I can never have a pair of shoes. I hated growing up in a developing country, but it never affected the way I lived life. I hated, but I never bothered. At 14, life took a change and my dad was able to start his own business. We since, led an affordable life.

When I made the decision to leave my country, all by myself, to a country where the first language is my third language, I didn't know how much of an impact it will make. But I was set - when I got to wherever the hell Adelaide was, I was to extend my arms and use my full potential.

I was going to offer myself, in every way possible, and one of them was through Reach Out! ( and Inspire. The other, through doing well at uni.

Both of which I did successfully. Three years gone, and tonight, I lie here in bed, with my laptop on my lap, listening to "With arms wide open", and ponder upon all that I have achieved and CAN achieve. And I am satisfied.

I have been named top students many times, received a number of awards and got a few letter of commendations. And I have done everything I can for Reach Out!. And these past three years, I wouldn't be able to achieve all these if not for the suppression and adversities I have to overcome through poverty. If not because I was over and over again convinced that I can never achieve anything because I was poor, I would not have give it my all when I was given the opportunity.

And these past three years, I have heard so many life changing stories, life can and will never be the same. The past three years, I have made some of the most amazing and inspirational friends, and friends who are there when I need and don't need them. Friends who are willing to listen to me, and ignore me when I want them to.

Who knows, and who would have imagined, the black haired, yellow skined asian from a developing country, surrounded with so much love, and given so many opportunities to shine.

And today I pay respect and thank each and every one of the people who have crossed my life, and touched me either directly or indirectly. As I draw a close to my first degree - graduating in a month time - I think back to the day I sat at the education counsellor's table. I think back to the time I spent most of my childhood barefoot. I think back of all the dreams I had. And I think back to all the "if only's" I thought about all through childhood.

And today, I realise that the reason I achieved all that I have, is my willingness to accept whatever comes my way. To make full use of every opportunity, whether I was successful or not at the end of the day isn't exactly important. Because what defines me is not what I have been through or how I look like, but that willingness in me, the decision I make... to dare to dream, and dare to shine.

And today, I ponder upon the things I have achieved, and I dream of the things I can achieve.

Three good years.

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Feelings 26-04-2008 05:58

Feelings are strong.

They either destroy and they fix. They kill and they cure. The point is, feelings are forces. And we all have them.

I often tell people that you have to control your feelings, because when your feelings control you, you're doomed. You've probably heard of the saying, 'anger is a letter short of danger' and that is absolutely true. When we're excited, happy, down, angry, or when we're in any of our extreme emotions, we lose our logical sense and often, we make decisions we regret.


Think about the time you said something you regretted  to your parents, or your friends, or someone you're close to when you were angry. Or think about the times when you think that things will be OK and you feel so safe to do just about anything and everything when you're happy or excited.

When you're on top of the world you feel invincible. You feel like you have the whole world under your feet, but that's not true.

When you're angry, you just want everything to be over with, so you lose your filter between your brain and mouth. You disconnect the wire that link your brain to your mouth, thus, you say things you don't mean, or you say things without thinking about it.

I can go on and on but let's get back to my point.

Feelings are absolutely beautiful thing when we learn to control it. But they're tiring. I think I speak for others as well when I say that sometimes, we feel so tired of being happy we want to cry a bit, or feel down for a bit. And vice versa.

Feelings tell you that you're OK or not OK. So when there are days when you feel that you are not OK, take a seat, and think.

Start from the head to the toe, and concentrate on your feelings.

You are hurting because a friend called you a b*tch. You feel painful because you're still grieving over your best friend's passing. You feel happy because you scored really well in your exams. You feel guilty because you're feeling happy but you should be sad.

Try to make sense of those feelings, and know where things go wrong. Why might your friend called you a b*tch? How can you make the pain more bearable? How can you celebrate your happiness? How can you overcome your guilt?

And by working through these, you learn to control your feelings, your emotions. You make them your force, your drive. It picks you up and it helps you guide your life.

Say if you've been depressed, you might use these emotions, these feelings to be a reason for you to seek help, to get better, to get to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Or if you've been affected by a traumatic experience, work out what are you feeling, how are you feeling and use them to help you find solutions.

For more info, check out

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