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Issues I’m into: So you want to be a voluntourist?; Animal rights; Smoking and second-hand smoke; Whaling; Young carers ; Animal testing;

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Name: Emzza Dog
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If you stand on the sidelines you cant succeed. thats my motto thats always going through my mind, the same with helping others, my future ect. Ever since I was a little girl I always imagined myself as a women that loved being a vet and volunteering. I think that my grandfather made me this way because he always told me to never give and that life is pretty good. When my grandfather died though I was going no where I thought that it was other my whole dreams. But after a while I relised that I dont want to be a person that has a bad enter score sonow everyday I say to myself volunteer, love school, get a poart time job, enjoy life and dont  forget if you stand on the sidelines you cant succeed.

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