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Issues I’m into: Australians in prisons overseas; Whaling; Corporate social responsibility; The call for an Australian bill of rights; Young people in nursing homes;

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Name: Joanne
I live: St Ives, Sydney, NSW

Hi! My name's Joanne. I'm in my fifth and final year of studying a combined Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Social Inquiry at University of Technology Sydney. I'm doing an internship at Inspire for a semester as part of my degree.

What Makes you Want to Act

Apathy. There’s nothing I despise more then talk without action. I was tired of feeling like a spectator in my own world, tired of hearing others around me complain about their powerlessness to effect change – on any scale. Hopefully through my involvement in ActNow I can inspire others to take action.

What you did that Taught you the Most

I’d have to say that my travels in Mexico and Central America have taught me the most about the world, about myself and about how the way I want to live. The people that I met, the practices I encountered, the places I experienced and the challenges with which I was confronted – opened my eyes to a world of difference. Taking a step outside the bubble of Sydney life – has redefined the way that I now live that Sydney life; with an appreciation for idiosyncrasies and individuality, an openness to new experiences and perspectives and a recognition that there’s no point in life if you ain’t LIVIN.

My Vision For the World

My vision for the world, is a world with more vision. I think that the short sightedness and blurred looking glass through which so many people perceive the world, is a massive contributor to the problems of today. If each individual took a moment to recognise the interconnectedness between everyone and everything, to acknowledge that with every action there comes a reaction; much of the environmental destruction, poverty, inequity and warfare that characterises our current world could have been avoided.

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