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Name: AdamsOreo
I live: Jakarta, Indonesia
I love for being myself. and no doubt about it! i also love music and writing blogs about social life and human nature.

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The way I sees 19-10-2011 11:23

It’s always be the weirdest thing when I saw most of the people let their opportunity just passing by, and less they just denied a tiny one just because they wished a bigger one for coming. Yes that`s normal but won’t we realise to make another movement for our world by and find something that probably could make us feel good inside? Being surround our family, friends are the beautiful things especially when it happen in Christmas Eve because needless to say it won’t be mundane, it must include a warm and friendly atmosphere. What if actually that moment appear in every way or seconds that passing through onto our life?

Those who are easily got money from their parents are often don’t know how hard to find or earn a dollar, I’m not saying about all of them because actually it just some. You need to fight for it or you’ll never own it! Not often me to see things in life only with an eye open not because I’m such a cavalier person, but I actually try to sees the world in different way and different side. All of the people in the whole world are already busy with their own problems and matters then which always means that we wont care anymore about others’ life. There’s such things that people do for being satisfied and thus things always means progresses are made some are for human rights or our nature and the other are keep on their mind that seek prosperity.

My neighbor was just passed away yesterday night and I’ll bet you won’t believe the reason for his death. So, he was 6 years old and will be 7th next year and his parents already planned to bring him to the primary school next year but God has spoken, he died by caecum in very young years. Last afternoon his parents took him to the hospital exactly at 4 pm when they arrived at the hospital the doctor said that soon he should been in ICU but the administrator said that the child couldn’t come in if his parents don’t pay at least 13 millions rupiah in front. It’s so hurtful when I knew the parents only had 3 millions rupiah though they have had borrowed from their friends and family, anyhow I wouldn’t blame even a person in this situation because this is what God had decide before he was even birth… the administrator might just obey with the rules in the hospital and perhaps the hospital can also do nothing if the rules already written and there’s no way to change it but obey it. Distinguish all the rules across the nations or places, people shouldn't judging but understanding... easy to say but quite hard to mean it, but at least we need to try it! So, may the kid named Rangga rest in peace beside our Lord… no doubt to be a little kid who was only trying to learn dancing in the rain and enjoying his life need his long rest in calm and warm place , our pray and souls always besides you.

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