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Name: Stace
I live: at uni, work or vounteering

Hi! Im Stacey and i am 22 years old and live in WA.

I am currently studying A BSc in Behavioural Studies along with a BA in Criminology/ Social Stats. 5 other days a week i work in a cafe making coffee which allows me to combine two great loves: people and coffee. In my other spare time i volunteer and collect random objects which puts a smile on my face.

Who inspires me? Everyday people especially young people who want to help make a change; give others belief in themselves....everyone is inspirational in their own way.

However, young people who i volunteer and work with keep me motivated to do my best and to keep on going. Also people who dedicate their lives to others, now that amazes me :)

I think we should all act now because we can; there is nothing stopping us! We can do anything we inspire to do! I mean we can do anything and the time to do it is now!!!

What makes me laugh? People singing karaoke! My friends! and people snoring!

I love : Spending times with friends; volunteering; working; studying and curling up with a good book and watching the anchorman. I also love the freedom we have and the unlimited opportunites.

Where my future lies? Im not too sure yet but hopefully in the field of youth mental health or overseas aid

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24-11-2007 05:16

I really got thinking the other day. By volunteering my time is it actually making a difference. I have ideas of what i want to do but they never seem to happen.

Maybe my goals are big: to end poverty, end stigma to mental health and a cure for hiv/aids.

I know i can never find solutions on my own or tackle them by myself. so back to my original thought can i make a difference?

It came to me yes i can. It really does not make a difference if its a big or small change but its a step in the right direction. If we all contribute we can work together as a generation to stand up and change our world we live in.

I will continue talking to people about poverty, buy fair trade products, minimise my water usuage, continue usuing public transport and keep talking to my politicans. Every little action can make a difference and if we all did these little actions, the world will be a better place for generations to come.

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Inside the brain of never ending thoughts 16-04-2007 04:54

I love being challenged; especially my thoughts and opinions.

But never did i imagine that it can throw you out this much. I attended a leadership conference with over 30 youth australia wide. All passionate about bringing about change.

What i was left with was these words : The will to act and the grace to compromise.

Do i have what it takes to take it to that next level. For the first time i explored my values and beliefs through a psychological perspective. I was told to ask people what they thought of my idea when they were at their weakest; so it would increase the chance of them accepting it!

I was left with the feeling whether or not it was ethically and morally just!

One thing i did walk away with was that its our time to make a difference, the last generation failed and now its up to our generation. 

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