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Issues I’m into: Living with a disability; Illiteracy; Indigenous health; Young people in nursing homes; SPEAK UP; Organ donation ;

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Name: WNYB
I live: Hervey Bay Queensland
 I'm trying to tell you all, life might give you a big blow but there is some light somewere you must find it. I did I can't Read or Write it took me 16 years of hell but I wrote my story to tell all what it is like when you can't read the story you wrote. See my Reviews.    

'One hell of a good yarn.' Sunday Herald Sun

 'A distinctly Australian voice.' Canberra Times

'What Next You Bastard may well prove to have more layers of appeal than a mille feuille . . . a narrative packed with incident, villains and comedy. There's nothing of the victim in Hall. His mother was feisty and so is her son. A keen appreciation of the comic, everywhere evident in the story, with a capacity for lateral thinking that enabled him not only to hide his disability but to wreak a poetic revenge on some of his persecutors, keeps him dancing through the narrative. His is certainly a story that needed to be told. . . His collaborator McFerran has demonstrated just the right kind of literacy to tell the tale.'Mary Rose Liverani, The Australian

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