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Why everyone needs a Nudge

The Nudge you know you need....

Submitted 6/19/2009 By actnow Views 3371 Comments 5 Updated 7/6/2009

Hey there! I’m The Nudge, the oaf like blue thing you may have seen getting around.

Nudging is a concept that has been around since the days of old, when MSN messenger owned our lives and way before Facebook even thought about the Poke.

You can nudge people offline too. Sometimes it’s your friends, family and pets that do the nudging, when you need to take a step or lose your way.

The point is, it’s a gentle nudge, because you already know you need it. It just takes that little extra prod, poke, or side shimmy to get you back on track. You already have the resources, they just need tapping sometimes, and that’s essentially where Reach Out comes in.

Reach Out is a service that provides that little extra info, support and encouragement.. When you get run down, or are faced with a moral duel and tempted to give in… It's a small thing, but once in a while: Everyone needs a Nudge.

At this point you might be wondering, who is this Nudge character and why is it talking about nudging as though it’s something new?

For Reach Out, The Nudge is new. While the site has been re-developing, the Nudge was born as the central character to personify Reach Out in a campaign that began on June the 8th. The aim is to reach more young people than ever, 'cause everyone needs a nudge.

Check out the Nudge TV ad below. You may also see the Nudge out and about in outdoor advertising, cinemas, magazines and all over the web.

If you want to explore the new Reachout site, wherever you’re at start here.

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murray 29-Jun-2009

This is great! I need a nudge and I know alot of other people who do too!



joker 21-Jun-2009

lol, love it!

I wanna get a soft toy Nudge and sit on my shoulder all day



Meli 19-Jun-2009

Love this little guy and seeing him on posters and TV :)



JessB 19-Jun-2009

Absolutely agree! It's such a great idea. And I was really excited to see him on some bus shelters in Leichhardt in Sydney.



liamay 19-Jun-2009

The Nudge is a fantastic concept, and being a part of RO myself it has definatly got more Young People involved with the site.