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Paid maternity leave: opinion

Why should women be put at a disadvantage just because they are the ones who give birth?

Submitted 3/28/2006 By kellyendo Views 3905 Comments 2 Updated 4/28/2006

Paid maternity leave in Australia is a rising issue. Currently there is no mandatory paid leave and it is left up to the employers whether or not to offer their female employees this benefit. I think this is truly unfair.

Women bear the privilege and responsibility to give birth and continue this race and they shouldn’t be put at a disadvantage for that. It is not their choice to hold this responsibility and they should be supported throughout the process financially as well as emotionally. Having paid maternity leave would reduce stress of making the decision to give birth as well as having to worry less during the process whether or not their position at work is slipping. I think it is little to ask for compared to the task that women have to overtake.

Women shouldn’t have to make the decision of having a child one that concerns financial and business aspects. It should be about bringing life into this world and enjoying the journey. They should not be at a disadvantage at the workplace due solely to their gender.

Not only is it a matter of ‘fairness’ but we should want to support women during this time. Australia is an aging society now, the birth rate is depleting and this will soon become a major problem, especially for us as young people, if we don’t do something! There shouldn’t have to be a choice between career and motherhood; it’s just not necessary or justified. The healths of the baby as well as the mother are important and very sensitive during pregnancy and infancy. Paid maternity leave will give mothers a chance to relax and focus on taking care of her baby and not be preoccupied with work stuff because she can’t afford to not work during that time.

Hopefully the implementation of PML will produce more families with sufficient time to get started on the right foot, and I know this is far fetched, but also allows families and people to grow to be happier and that will be reflected in society!

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Josie 04-Sep-2006

As a society we should be doing much more to support families - whether that's through paid maternity or paternity leave, or other ways. After all, families cultivate the individuals which make up our society. The Scandinavian countries provide evidence of the positive effects that supporting families has on society as a whole.



Kelly 07-Apr-2006

Being a woman of 21, approaching this time in my life I agree with you fully that paid maternity leave is a good idea! But I think that paid maternity leave is a bandaid to fix one of the symptoms of the real cause of this problem.
Before feminism, there was a parent at home, not working, looking after the house, fixing things, being there for the kids when it was required and generally being responsible for the home. Ok so feminism came along, liberated women from this oppression (rightly so) but now we have a problem. Women in the work force and men in the work force equals noone at home for the kids, noone at home fixing stuff, noone at home looking after the food etc etc. This lifestyle costs more financially (individually and for the society) through the need for childcare, food bills are greater because nothing is made from scratch and noone has time to look out for the cheapest price (free market system falls down), noone fixing things creates more waste and loss of skills in the population, also lack of time spent together puts strains on relationships producing broken families, kids get pissed off with it and have many issues, they get what they want easier and are bought off etc etc. As well as noone focusses on diet and there is great stess - obesity and other illness... So you can see this problem is huge! It extends over many of the issues in our society including the lack of interest in issues which stems from lack of time to be involved. Ok so I definately dont want our society to go back to house wife days cos I want a professional life too, but this is a big social problem that feminism has no answer for. They did great by removing the old system, but didn't put anything in its place.
I dont know the answer. Anyone else got ideas?