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Mime to Make Poverty History

Can you imagine a group of people dressed in black and white; faces painted and walking silently through the busy streets saying nothing at all; no smiling,no talking: Just holding signs reminding people that they must use their voice- that we cant stay silent about things that matter.

Submitted 3/26/2007 By stacey Views 5161 Comments 0 Updated 3/30/2007

When i first heard about doing a mime- i was very hesistant. I personally loved the idea, but the problem layed in my team; could i get them interested and motivated to do this action? Could we possibly be the first one's to do a Mime to Make Poverty History in Perth? I put the idea to them. And I am glad i did!

It was 32 degrees on the day of action. 16 of us gathered to apply our new faces and among the seas of black and white being created was a constant sound of laughter and chatter as that would be the last time we could speak for 3 hours. It was like your basic human right was stripped away from you. We were silenced.

We began our day walking in two groups all being silent, all dressed in black and white and all carrying signs and information that we could hand out. I honestly was not expecting to feel the way i did. I knew that people would stare but no matter which way you turned someone was looking and talking about you. After a while you sort of just channelled out and kept walking.

Our message of the day was for people to realise that they can make a difference by just using their voice. That they can speak up and create some positive change. We were noticed, we were photographed and spoken about on radio.

I really think if you are going to do an action in the streets, that you need to be prepared for all sorts of reactions, comments and points of view. It can be hard but i see it this way; if we dont do something then who will?