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Oxfam Trailwalker

We smashed through 100kms in under 48hrs. Here's why!

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We stumbled through the finish line at 2:15 am after having spent 43 hrs surging through 100kms of mountainous bush track and down streets and parks of the north shore. It demanded fitness, sanity but most of all, an unbreakable resolve.

If you want to donate go to $ help us raise our target!

Me and 7 other friends participated in the Oxfam Trailwalker from the 29th - 30th of August. It was to challenge ourselves physiclaly and mentally, and to raise money for Oxfam projects in the process. To accomplish it was a feat in itself - and our efforts will hopefully inspire heaps of people to donate money and possibly even attempt it next year.

Despite my aches and pains, sprains and an unwillingness to ever eat museli bars or scull powerade ever again, I can say with reasonable confidence that I'll be doing another one at some point in the future. Nothing beats the rush of taming another mountain and finishing after no sleep but many a massage at the physio tents along the way.

I have so much love for our support crews who rocked up at the various checkpoints! Even the people who were tucked up in bed but called us on the homestretch to keep our spirits up - I have love for you too!

We're still accepting donations until October so get on it!

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