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Supporting MSF vs 1 beer/week

Joining MSF was a romantic experience for me...

Submitted 2/21/2007 By Chadorama Views 17703 Comments 0 Updated 3/15/2007

It all happened on the 14th of February, that wonderful day that gives you permission, no, gives you the duty to make someone happy with a romantic gesture, or in my case, a regular direct debit transaction.

I was walking to work through the city, off in my own little world, when Cupid struck. That plump, winged baby introduced me Medecins Sans Frontiers and an extremely cute MSF representative. Yes, MSF and I began to strike up a mutually beneficial relationship.

Now, maybe it was the romantic ambiance of the day, or the  repetition of those three French words,  or maybe I was  completely under the power of the MSF rep's eyes, but something happened that day, something that gave me a lasting glimmer of hope in this world of drama.

For that price of one beer a week (in case you weren't aware, the common currency of uni students is beer), I'm helping medical workers abroad bring about real and immediate improvements to people's lives.

I love you, MSF!!

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