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Online safety tips for ActNow

Get the low down on potential online safety risks, and ways to stay safe and make the most of the radness that is

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Although ActNow is full of awesome people and content, and has a variety of visible and invisible online safety measures in place, it isn’t possible for ActNow to control everything. Sometimes the content that gets published and the behaviour of people who use the site may not be appropriate. With that in mind, it’s important that you are familiar with potential online safety risks, and ways to stay safe and make the most of the radness that is


This page aims to provide the low down on:
• Tips for staying safe on ActNow
• Handy safety settings and features on ActNow
• How to report an online safety issue on ActNow
• Where to get more info about online safety and cyberbullying


We’d love to hear what you think about this info, and whether you think there is anything that we’ve missed. If you have any questions or ideas about online safety on ActNow, you can send us your thoughts via OR by posting a comment below.


Tips for staying safe on ActNow

Follow these guidelines to stay safe on ActNow:


Be aware…

- People aren’t always who they say they are online
- Meeting up with people you only know online in person can be risky
- You never really know who’s looking at your profile or what you publish
- Look out for things like phishing scams, spam, and viruses as these can be annoying and potentially harmful to your computer and files. (You really won’t want to re-do that massive assignment you just stayed up most of the night finishing, right?)


Take care and think twice…

- Never share your password with anyone
- Consider making your member profile private (only visible to friends you add)
- Avoid posting and sharing personal information, especially information that could be used to identify you or locate you offline, such as your full name, school, university, address or telephone number
- Also think twice before posting anything that could be embarrassing if someone like a family member, teacher, boss or distant cousin stumbled upon it – or anything that might make you cringe in a couple of months or years time. You never really know who is looking at what you post, and the internet sometimes caches (preserves) things even after they’ve been deleted, making it possible for people to view it long into the future.


Record and report dodgy content and offensive behaviour…

- Report users and content that you feel break our Terms of Use
- If somebody harasses you or sends you abusive or offensive messages, record details of the communication and report them by clicking on the ‘report this page’ link on their member profile.


Safety settings and features on ActNow

What you see
- Report content feature:
On every page you view on ActNow, there is a ‘report content’ button. Clicking this enables you to notify the ActNow crew about content (including member profiles) that break our House Rules, Terms of Use or pose other online safety risks.


- Community builders
Our awesome team of community builders do as their name implies – contribute to building the online community and welcoming new members. They also moderate content as it’s uploaded to the site. Their job is to look out for new pages or comments that are offensive or inappropriate, and will generally notify members if they believe their behaviour or content breaks our House Rules or Terms of Use.


- Privacy controls
ActNow members can elect to make their member profiles private (making it only visible to added friends) by going to ‘Account Settings’ and selecting ‘make my profile private’.


Members can also elect to make their blogs private by selecting ‘make my blog private’ in the same section under ‘Account Settings’.

What you don’t see

- Content monitoring
Whenever new content is uploaded to ActNow, or members post comments, the crew receive a notification (via RSS) that enables them to identify potentially offensive or inappropriate material.

- Technical stuff
Our website has a range of behind the scenes risk protection systems in place to protect the site and members from hacks and viruses.

How to report online safety issues on ActNow

- If you come across content that you find offensive or that breaks our House Rules or Terms of Use:
Click on the ‘report this page’ link at the bottom right hand side of the page. Clicking this enables you to notify the ActNow crew who will then investigate the issue.


- If somebody harasses you
Keep a record of the communication and note the member’s name.
Visit the member’s profile page and click on the ‘report this page’ link on the right hand side to notify the ActNow crew.


Also check out our sister site for tips on how to deal with harassment and cyber bullying:


Want more info about online safety and cyberbullying?

The Internet and Social Networking issue page on ActNow goes through all of these issues in more detail.

You can also check out these cyber savvy sites:

Net Alert
Wise Up to IT    
Bullying No Way
Stop Cyber Bullying  
Fed Privacy Commissioner
Scam Watch      
Australian Centre for High Tech Crime
Federal Police  


Crime Stoppers:  1800 333 000
OCSET Online child sex exploitation team:  (07) 5553 8717

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